Welcome to the Fullerton Police Officers' Association website. As you take the time to explore this site, you’ll notice that the FPOA is not only dedicated to its members but takes a great interest in our community.

Our association represents our 150 members of sworn police officers of the rank of sergeant and below and our emergency dispatchers. In most cases the first person you speak with when calling for police assistance will be a dispatcher and the first person to arrive will be a patrol officer. All of our men and women are highly trained professionals that are dedicated and work around the clock; risking harm to themselves to protect the citizens and visitors of Fullerton.

Part of our mission is to negotiate wages and benefits that are commensurate with our fellow police agencies in Orange County.  We work closely with our police department staff and city hall administration to help recruit and retain the some of the best law enforcement candidates available.

We also work very closely with many local charities and civic groups. In 2012 we donated over $28 thousand dollars to various organizations. We frequently donate to the Boys and Girls Club, Pathways for Hope, Ronald McDonald House, Fullerton Little League just to name a few. We also provide scholarships to college bound Fullerton students each year.

We hope to continue to work with our community and to provide a safe place to live, work and visit. The city is rich in history and diverse with many cultures. We want to see Fullerton continue to thrive as a desired destination in Orange County.

I thank you for interest in the FPOA and your continued support.


Kevin Pedrosa

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